Oct. 16, 2016

Lunch on Saturday
We will be providing pizza for lunch on Saturday for cast, crew, and volunteers.  If you need gluten-free pizza, please let me know so that we can make sure to order enough.
Please make sure you bring a water bottle- you will need plenty of water during the day as well as for lunch.  Seton has a water fountain for refilling water bottles as needed.
(The cast and crew would also probably appreciate something like cookies if anyone wants to bring something like that!)
Dinner on Saturday and costume care
For dinner you will need to bring a bag lunch.  Please be extra, extra careful if you eat anything in costume.  Bring a towel and/or oversized button up shirt to protect your costume. Do not eat anything that can drip such as sauces, pb and jelly, tomatoes, etc.  Nothing greasy- no fast food, mayo, french fries, potato chips, etc.  Nothing to drink except water.  Some suggestions are plain cold cut and cheese sandwiches, cheese, crackers, grapes, fruit slices, protein bars, breakfast bars, nuts, etc.
Also, everyone needs to change out of costume immediately after the performance and before greeting friends and family.
We have been blessed once again to be able to borrow some amazing costumes (because we have taken good care of them in the past) , and we need to return them in the same condition.  
All cast and crew members are expected to stay and help with striking the set until they are released.   All parents are more than welcome to help out as well- the more help we get, the earlier your students will be able to get home and get some rest:)
We would like to get as much done as possible on Sunday evening (last year we were able to get almost all done Sunday night). Monday afternoon we will continue with anything that is still needed.
Last performance
I know Mr. Moore has already said this- please do not try to thank anyone publicly after the last performance. We just want the audience to enjoy the show.  The cast party is the time for us to celebrate our success together download sql data.
Schedule for this week and performances.
**Thank you all for your patience on the scheduling of these last few weeks.  We know it is difficult to have things so up in the air- it is difficult for all of us!  Since the gym is used for a lot of different purposes and sports schedules often change, we were only able to receive confirmation from Seton a few days ago on when we could get into the gym next week.
Since the gym is still being used for other purposes this week, we will not be setting up the stage again until Friday after school when we are cleared to set everything up.  In order to maximize our rehearsal time, we are also not going to be rehearsing in costume again until dress rehearsal on Saturday, unless you have a costume piece that is integral to your part.
Mon.  10/17  6:30- 9:30  Continue Act 2 and on to Act 3
Tues. 10/18-  6:00-9:30  TBD  We will be covering any scenes that need extra attention- will let you know after Monday’s rehearsal
Wed. 10/19   5:30- 9:30  Run-through, as far as we can get
Thurs. 10/20  5:00- 9:30  Full run-through
Fri.  10/21  3:00 (right after school).  We will be putting the stage back up and then setting up tech, sound and lighting. We will only need most of the cast for about 3 hours Friday
Tech week  
*Tech week is always a demanding week in theater.  Even so, performers are expected to remain until the end of rehearsal whether they are onstage in the last few scenes or not.  Please bring homework so you can use your time well.  At the end of rehearsal, Mr. Moore will be giving the cast notes, and everyone will be needed to help take down the stage each evening that we use it 3sat mediathek video.
Sat 10/22
  •  All cast must be here and ready to go onstage by 9:00 am (no costumes or makeup)
  •  Cue-to-cue rehearsal to integrate the lighting and sound
  • Lunch- pizza provided for cast, crew, and volunteers
  • After lunch,  get into costume and get hair done if not already done (no makeup yet)
  • 1:00  Dress rehearsal-  would be nice to have some family attend as an audience, provided they are already planning to come to one of the performances:)
  • Mass (probably around 4:30)  for cast, crew, staff- families also welcome to come.  This will be a vigil Mass that fulfills Sunday obligation
  • Dinner – bring your own (see above)
  • Get into makeup, touch up hair, and get ready for performance!
  • Warmups followed by 7:00 performance!!  (tickets for performances will be sold at the door)
  • Immediately following performance, change out of costume before greeting your guests and adoring fans!
Sunday 10/23
  • Call time Sunday is 1:00.
  • Performance at 3:00
  • Immediately following performance, change out of costume before greeting your guests.
  • Strike the set
Monday 10/24
After school, finish strike- anything that still needs to be done
Sun. 10/30   Cast party   1-00-4:00 Mr. Moore’s house
We will watch the video of the performance, eat snacks, and celebrate our success!!

Oct. 13, 2016


Please get bios to Mr. Moore ASAP.  50 words or less


Rehearsal schedule week of 10/10

Here is the schedule for the upcoming week
We will start in Mrs. Carroll’s room each night and then move to the gym:
Mon. 10/10  Continung through Act 1  6:30-9:30
Tues. 10/11  Act 2    6:30-9:30
Thurs. 10/13   Continue Act 2    6:30-9:30
Friday  10/14  Act 3   5:30- plan to finish before 8:00
Saturday 10/15  Run through the show  11:30 am – 5:00 pm  (please eat before you come and bring snacks and plenty of water)
We have sufficient crinolines for all the girls- no need to order

Sept. 26, 2016


Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Santschi, and Mrs. Murphy have worked their magic again and we have some amazing costumes for our show!
Costume fittings will be this Thursday night 9-29, leads first, and Saturday 10-1 during rehearsal wordpress deutsch downloaden.  Full cast needs to come to rehearsal on Saturday for costume fitting unless you are fitted on Thursday and not rehearsing Sat.  
Boys will be wearing black dance shoes (jazz shoes) if you already have them (don’t go out and buy any).  If not, please wear black dress shoes .  Boys will also need white or cream colored tights, full length tights are best but they must at least be to the knee.
If they already have them, girls should wear black character shoes or dance shoes.  If not, please wear any appropriate  black shoes similar to character of dance/jazz shoes; brown shoes are also okay for girls.  If in doubt, feel free to ask the costume ladies.  Everyone should wear shoes that aren’t too slippery.
No sneakers or marking soles should be used on the new stage, even while rehearsing.

Important rehearsal notes for this week

  • Mon 9/26  We expect to be done by 8:00 pm tonight, so please try to plan pickup accordingly
  • Thurs. 9/29  Those who are only attending the opera in Act 2 Sc. 13 (ie opera attendees and Schlumbergs) are not needed for this Thurs. rehearsal.. Please see below to see who needs to be at rehearsal this Thurs.
  • As far as i know right now, rehearsals will be in Faustina Mon, Tues, Thurs. and in the gym Sat.  These are subject to change, so if we’re not in one location, try the other!
  • This Saturday’s schedule is still to be determined.  Mr. Moore and Mrs. Hall will be deciding this week which scenes they want to rehearse.  I should be able to let you know by around Wed.  Thank you for your patience car2go app herunterladen!

This week’s schedule

Monday, 9/26    6:30- around 8:00    Act 1 Sc. 2/  Act 2 Sc. 2/  Act 2 Sc. 10/  Act 2 Sc. 12
                           (note that we should be done earlier than usual)
Salieri, partygoers, archbishop’s servant, Archbishop Colloredo, Constanze, Mozart, Count Arco, Madame Weber, Josefa, Sophie, Princess Elizabeth, Salieri’s servant
Tues. 9/27  6:30-9:00   Act 1 Sc. 1/  Act 2 Prologue/ Act 3 Sc. 9/  Act 3 Sc. 3
Salieri, Dr. Gulden, Fr. Vogler, Katherina Cavalieri, 6 yr old Mozart, Leopold, Salieri’s mother, Salieri’s father, young Salieri, maiden aunts, Katherina Cavalieri, Constanze, Karl, Von Swieten, Lorl, Mme. Weber, Josefa, Sophie, Schikaneder, pall bearers
Thurs. 9/29  6:30-9:00    Act 2 Sc. 13/  Act 3 Sc. 1/  Act 2 Sc. 1/  Act 1 Sc. 7
Venticello, Salieri, Katherina Cavalieri, opera dancers, Mozart, Emperor Joseph, Von Strack, Orsini- Rosenberg, Bonno, Von Swieten, opera singers, Schikaneder, actresses, Princess Elizabeth, Constanze, Karl, Lorl
Sat. 10/1  time TBD  Act 3 Sc. 8 and other scenes (still TBD)

Looking ahead…

The schedule for October has still not been fully determined, but it should look like this:
Week of 10/3  Mr. Moore will be out of town all week on business.  Mrs. Hall will be working with certain scenes and actors on character development by appointment.  This is a good week to try to get as much of your schoolwork done ahead of time as you can (work on papers, projects, study for tests coming up, etc.)
Off book by 10/6!!
Week of 10/10  Plan to be rehearsing almost every night during the week (we will probably try to take one night off if possible) as well as Sat. Please try to be there for all the rehearsals if at all possible.  It is difficult to have successful run-throughs if we have people missing.
Week of 10/17  Tech week- mandatory for all performers- expect rehearsal each night this week.
Sat itunes titel herunterladen. 10/22 and Sun. 10/23- performances!

September 14, 2016

Links to the most up-to-date cast list, scenic plots, and rehearsal schedule

These documents have already been emailed to everyone, but here are links for quick reference:

Participation fees and costume deposits

We are still waiting to receive checks from a number of you.  Please give them to Mrs. Orr the next time you come to rehearsal.  Each family will need 2 checks made out to Seton School, one for $35 per student for the participation fee and one for $25 per student for the costume deposit.  The costume deposit check will be returned to you when your costume has been returned after both performances.

Script binders

If you still need a script binder, please check with Mrs. Orr . ***This includes production staff who need one***.

This week’s rehearsal reminder:

Tues. 9/13    gym    6:30-9:00     Act 2 Scene 5
                                                   Act 3 Scene 6
                                                   Act 2 Sc. 11
                                                   Act 2 Sc. 14
                   actors: Salieri, partygoers, Leopold, costume assistants, Constanze, Mozart, Schikaneder, 3 actresses, Princess Elizabeth, Madame Weber, Sophie, Josefa, Venticello, Fr. Vogler, opera dancers, Emperor Joseph, Von Strack, Orsini-Rosenberg, Bonno,
opera cast (singers)
Thurs. 9/15   Faustina    6:30-9:00    Act 1 Prologue
                                                           Act 1 Sc. 3
                                                           Act 2 Sc. 6
                                                           Act 3 Sc download windows 7 driver automatically. 8
                      actors:  Venticello, Salieri, medical attendants, Dr. Gulden, Fr. Vogler, Leopold, Constanze, Mozart, Lorl, Karl, military officer, Schikaneder, 3 actresses

September 7, 2016

Hairstyles for the show- girls

Mrs. Baker, costume co-lead, asked me to pass on the following information :
Period wigs are going to be used for some of the males in the show.  For the girls, we will be working with your own hair to create hairstyles piled up on your heads.  The longer your hair, the better, so please do not cut your hair before the show!

Casting of group scenes, party scenes, dances, etc. and additional scene scheduling changes:

I know many of you have been wondering about the group scenes (audience/crowd/party guests etc.).  Thank you for your patience as we finalized those scenes.  I have emailed out new updated cast list and scenic plots.  Please print out and replace the ones in your binder with the updated copies. Study them carefully to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Also, if you do not yet have a script binder, please be assured that we are working on scripts for everyone, and you will receive one soon.

In a nutshell, where previously we had some of you designated a generic “partygoer’ or dancer/partygoer/….we have now designated some of you as:
Opera dancers
Opera attendees
****Please refer to the new (revised 9/7) cast list to determine which scenes you are in.
  • In addition, many others will appear in additional scenes, including Princess Elizabeth, the actress trio (Schikaneder’s actress friends), the Schlumberg family, Mme Weber and her 2 daughters,  Venticello, Schikaneder, etc.
  • the servant scenes have been assigned to specific servants
So, please check the new cast list and scenic plots carefully to see if there are any changes, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Mrs. Orr



September 6, 2016

Welcome to Amadeus and we’re so glad you are going to part of this amazing production!

Rehearsal information and rehearsal schedule is posted below.  Also the cast list has been updated below.


Rehearsal information

  • We will be rehearsing several scenes each night. Please bring something to do (homework, etc.)  for the times when you are not actively rehearsing.  Always bring your script binder (those of you who haven’t received one yet will receive one shortly), water, and a pencil  (and a good attitude!)  Those of you who have not yet received a script binder will be receiving one soon office 2016 herunterladen deutsch.
  • Parents, please pick up your students promptly after rehearsal. The production staff (and their children, who also have homework to do!) cannot leave until everyone is picked up.  The staff and their children thank you!!!
  • During the blocking rehearsals (those rehearsals in Sept. when we are working on particular scenes), if students are not in the last scene(s) that night/day, they will be released when their scene(s) are done.  They will be encouraged to call their parents to be picked up when they are released, although they are welcome to stay until the end of rehearsal.

***We have a tight production schedule for the Fall Play- literally 6 1/2 weeks from read-through to performance.  Please make every effort to check the rehearsal schedule carefully and be there at all your rehearsals.  We tried as much as possible to schedule around your conflicts. If you have already submitted your conflicts, you are excused from those dates, and of course if something important comes up, please let Mrs. Orr know as soon as possible.  (Also, make sure to let her know if you are sick or running late to rehearsal.)  We only have one rehearsal to block each scene before we start putting it all together and running through the show, so please make sure you check carefully and don’t miss a rehearsal because you didn’t read the schedule carefully!!***

Rehearsal Schedule for September

  • Please read carefully– we will be rehearsing several scenes each night- and check the scenic plots to determine which scenes you are in.
  • If you have any questions about when you are needed at blocking rehearsals, please contact Mrs. Orr at
  • All rehearsals are in Faustina unless you are otherwise notified
  • This schedule may be updated as needed- please watch your email for any updates.


Monday, Sept. 5             Read-through  (Mandatory attendance for cast; production

staff highly encouraged to attend)                    6:00-9:00


Tuesday, Sept. 6           A1 Sc. 6/ A2 Sc. 8/ A1 Sc. 4                                     6:30-9:00

Thursday Sept. 8           A1 Sc. 9/ A1 Sc. 10/ A3 Sc. 10/ A1 Sc. 12             6:30-9:00                Faustina

Tuesday Sept. 13         A2 Sc. 5/ A3 Sc. 6/ A2 Sc. 11/ A2 Sc. 14                 6:30-9:00               gym

Thursday Sept. 15     A1-P/ A1 Sc. 3/ A2 Sc.6/ A3 Sc.8                               6:30-9:00

Tuesday, Sept. 20        A1 Sc.8/ A3 Sc wie ein video von facebook downloaden. 7/ A2 Sc.9                                         6:30-9:00

Thursday, Sept. 22       A1 Sc. 5/ A3 Sc. 4/ A3 Sc. 5/ A2 Sc. 7                      6:30-9:00

Saturday, Sept. 24        A2 Sc. 4/ A2 Sc. 3/ A3 Sc. 2/ A1 Sc. 11      time TBD

Monday, Sept. 26        A 1 Sc. 2/ A2 Sc. 2/ A2 Sc. 10/ A2 Sc. 12                6:30-9:00

Tuesday, Sept. 27        A 1 Sc. 1/ A2- P/ A3 Sc. 9/ A3 Sc. 3                          6:30-9:00

Thursday, Sept. 29      A 2 Sc. 13/ A 3 Sc. 1/A2 Sc. 1/ A1 Sc. 7               6:30-9:00

Saturday, Oct. 1          Scenes TBD or begin stumble through                 TBD


Mrs. Orr,  703-727-7499 cell


September 6, 2016


Attached, you’ll find the Director’s blocking notes for your review prior to the rehearsal, or for later reference.

A1S4-1 A1S6-1 A1S6-2 A2S8-1 A2S8-2


September 1, 2016


Congrats to our many talented performers who will take the stage October 22-23 for Seton’s incredible performances of Peter Shaffer’s triumphant drama, Amadeus!

We’ll see you all for the read-through on September 5th at 6:00 PM in Faustina!

The Cast in No Particular Order (Note that several people play multiple roles):

Venticello: Marcie Van de Voorde (#1), Juliette Orr (#2), Clare Waldron (#3), Julianna Holmes (#4), Anne Konstanty (#5), Theresa Byers (#6), Michaela Catabui (#7),  Sophia Zadnik (#8), Patrick Murray, David Catabui

Oprettists: Catie Moore (Nancy Storace), Samantha Wong (Maria Mandini), Carolyn Karcher (Katherina Cavalieri), Victoria Baker (Anna Gottlieb), Sean Hilbert (Stefano Mandini), Patrick Murray (Francesco Benucci), David Catabui (Luigi Marchesi), Cecelia Hassan (Dorotea Bussani)

Salieri: Brendan Murphy

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Brendan Santschi

Constanze Mozart: Caitlin Orr

Lorl: Rosie Hall

Father Volger: Jonathan Bookwalter

Madame Weber: Allie Given

Emperor Joseph: Seamus Koehr

Count Arco: Justin Orr

Count Von Strack: JP Moore

Count Orsini-Rosenberg: Connor Given

Count Bonno: Timothy Kelly

Count Von Swieten: Matthew Kelly

Emmanuel Shikaneder: Shane Koehr

Katherine Cavalieri: Carolyn Karcher

Herr Schlumberg: Jacob Scheetz

Frau Schlumberg: Audrey Cox

Gertrude Schlumberg: Theresa McGrath

Josefa Weber: Reagan Kammerdiener

Sophie Weber: Katie Dealey

Schikaneder’s Actress Friends: Lucy Healey, Mary Ostrich, Clare Witter

Princess Elizabeth: Marielle Baker

Salieri’s Mother: Elena Morano

Maiden Aunts: Bethany Johnson, Marie Heisler, Veronica Scheetz

Dr. Gulden: Jacob Scheetz

Additional Priest: Jonathan Bookwalter

Salieri’s Father: Mr. Bill Dealey

Young Salieri: Ben Dealey

Salieri’s Pupil (Girl Student): Emma Catabui

Prince-Archbishop Collaredo: Mr. Tim Heisler

Leopold Mozart: Mr. Pete Westhoff

Karl Mozart: James Moore

Medical Attendants: Patrick Murray, David Catabui

Servants: Patrick Murray, David Catabui

Lackey: Sean Hilbert

Wig Salesmen, Costumers: Marie Heisler, Veronica Scheetz, Maddy Given

Page: Justin Orr

Pall Bearers: Shane Koehr, Matthew Kelly

Partygoers, Viennese Waltzers, Nurses, Opera Attendees: Meredyth Rosato, Marielle Baker, Bethany Johnson, Clare Witter, Maddy Given, Elena Morano, and others- more information coming soon

Commendatore: Mr download embedded video. Anthony Smitha

Student Assistant Director: Claire Kelly

Student Deck Stage Manager: Ben Dealey

Student Vocal Director: Catie Moore


August 15, 2016

Welcome to the Cast, Crew & Staff page for Seton’s 2016 Fall Play – Amadeus!

Attached, you’ll find the audition packet! More information to come!

Auditions are September 1 at 7:00 PM in Faustina. Please bring a bottle of water and comfortable clothes. A one-minute monologue of your choosing is optional for general cast and mandatory if you are auditioning for a lead role.

Fall Play Audition Packet 2016

We look forward to seeing you there!

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