Spring Musical - Blocking and Acting

Costume notes 3/21

Our last costume check was this past Sat. A very special thank you to those students who have made the effort to get their costumes checked. There are some who have yet to be seen and some still need to be seen with a complete costume ensemble. The costume ladies will be at the Tue and Wed eve rehearsals this week to complete the costume ... More

Annie notes 2/18- bios, costume checks, and more

BIOS and doughnuts:) We will be bribing for bios this Saturday, 2/20, so if you want to be very prepared, please bring a bio to hand in to Mrs. VW or better yet, email her your bio and she will hand you a doughnut! COSTUME CHECKS are fast approaching! A costume lady will be at Seton to answer any and all questions during rehearsals ... More

More roles have been cast

The cabinet members have now been cast: Marganthau:  David Catabui Ickes:  Johnny Curran Howe:  Brendan Murphy Hull:   James Foeckler Perkins:  Theresa Cook Also: Kaltenborn:  Marielle Cuccinelli (radio announcer) Bundles:  Jonathan Bookwalter  ( laundry man)   More

Costume information for Annie

See below for information on costumes: Annie Costume info 2-8-16 COSTUME CHECKS will begin on Wed 24 Feb Sat 27 Feb Wed 9 Mar Sat 19 Mar **All students must have their costumes checked by the costume ladies during one of these times.  The costume ladies are present at EVERY Wednesday, and Saturday rehearsal to speak to parents ... More


my cast listHere is the most current Cast List. If you do not see your name posted, PLEASE let Mrs. VW know and she will let you know what part you have been cast in.   More