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Spring Musical



April 21, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
April 29, 2017 @ 2:00 pm


Erin Vander Woude


Seton Main Stage
9314 Maple Street
Manassas, VA 20110 United States
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Sound of Music  Rehearsal Schedule

For questions about the schedule you may contact Mrs. Orr at newmomorr@yahoo.com.  For schedule conflicts or if you are unable to make rehearsal, contact Mrs. Vander Woude at erinvanderwoude@msn.com.


Tech Week Schedule

  • Endtime 10:30 – no later than 11:00 p.m.
  • Make up and hair – if you can please come already made up and hair done – – if you need assistance you will need to arrive in a timely fashion in order to be ready to go by 6:00 p.m.
  • Please remember to bring snacks or whatever you need to get thru these long rehearsals

    Monday, April 17, 2017. Costumes Only

    3:00 p.m. – Tech – all set crew and lights to do a cue to cue of Act 1
    4:00 p.m. – Cast – arrive to get in full costumes IF you need a lot of time!
    5:30 p.m. – Cast in microphones
    6:00 p.m. – Run Show

    Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Costumes, Hair & Makeup

    3:00 p.m. – Tech – all set crew and lights to do a cue to cue of Act 2
    4:00 p.m. – Cast – full costumes and make up and hair
    5:30 p.m bilderen von website. – Cast in microphones
    6:00 p.m. – Run Show

    Wednesday, April 19, 2017 (cast will be in dressing rooms for the show)

    5:00 p.m. – Cast dinner in Faustina
    6:00 p.m. – Cast in microphones
    6:30 p.m. – Run Show

    Thursday, April 20 ,2017 (cast will be in dressing rooms for the show) FULL DRESS REHEARSAL!!!

    3:00 p.m. – Cast/Tech to be determined- Lisa will let you know Wed. night who needs to be here for this
    4:00 p.m.** – Cast – full costumes and make up
    6:00 p.m. – All cast and tech in gym – in costumes, make up and microphones
    6:30 p.m. – Run Show

**Cast members do not all need to be there at 4 pm.  Some take more time to do hair, makeup, etc. and some don’t need that much time.  Please make sure you arrive early enough to allow yourself enough time: you must be ready to go by 6 pm.

Friday, April 21  Opening night!!! and Saturday, April 22 (as well as Friday, April 28 and Sat. April 29)
3:30- 4:00 pm  Cast members arrive, get into makeup, hair, costume
5:30 pm       Must be dressed and fully ready to go on stage
Sunday, April 23
11:30am – 12:00   Cast members arrive, get into makeup, hair, costume
1:30 pm    Must be dressed and fully ready to go on stage
(Sunday, April 30 
12:00- Strike the set  followed by cast party)

Chaperones- schedule and sign up

Reminder teamviewer quick support herunterladen! Every family needs to sign up to chaperone for the performances. For those of you who missed the parents meeting or didn’t sign up to chaperone, please see this link. There are still open times available.  Email Maryan Vander Woude (maryanlee@msn.com) with “Musical Chaperone” in the title line with your preferred time slot.  She will confirm that time slot with you.

We ALSO could use some chaperones for the coming Saturdays in March. We have many scenes going on and could use help keeping the students in the places that they need to be and keeping order in the various rehearsal rooms. Mrs. Erin Vander Woude would let you know what you need to do.

Note: The Saturday chaperone jobs don’t fulfill your musical chaperone requirement; however, it is fun to assist the musical team and you earn 5 PRO points per hour.


Please email Mrs. Maryan VW about helping out: maryanlee@msn.com.  Please put “musical chaperone” in the subject line. Please let her know which dates you are interested in helping!

April 13, 2017

Hair and Makeup

Dear cast,
Starting on Tuesday everyone will be wearing makeup and girls also will have their hair done. Having said that here are some important details:

1) if you did not receive a list of what makeup you need, here it is:

Girls in choir

  • foundation that matches your skin tone or slightly darker
  • blush
  • •white/light brown eyeshadow
  • •eyeliner
  • •mascara
  • •nude/light pink lipstick-no dark colours
  • •face powder
  • •makeup sponges for application
  • •hair may be slightly curled. Hair style is your choice but NO CRAZY HAIR STYLES PLEASE:)

Boys in choir

  • I highly recommend that you bring someone who knows how to match skin tones when you get your items download itunes for free!
  • foundations that match your skin tone
  • bronzer that matches your skin tone
  • face powder
  • makeup sponges for application


  • POWDER foundation
  • blush
  • mascara
  • VERY LIGHT lipstick or gloss if you so desire

Family members/leads

I’ve already spoken with most of you about what you need.  Having said that, please come see me Monday about details. Please bring what you have/think you’ll need to the makeup check on Monday and we’ll go from there.

2) There will be a makeup check on MONDAY, April 17.  Please bring all the items on the list so you may be checked off and ready for Tuesday.

3) In the previous email you were told to arrive with your hair and makeup already finished unless you need help.  I ask that if you have not been in a Seton production before or if you are a member of the Von Trapp family, that you come WITHOUT HAIR AND MAKEUP ALREADY APPLIED.  We have several volunteers who will help in makeup application.  Also, if you are uncomfortable with applying makeup yourself, please come early also.  If you are coming without hair and makeup, from Tuesday forward, please arrive between 4:15- 4:45.

Marcie Van de Voorde

April 11, 2017

Help needed with building the set – evenings this week

Mr. Cook intends to be in the gym working every evening this week and would appreciate some helping hands. There’s still LOTS to be done! We are coming down to crunch time and we really need some helpers! Just show up in the gym anytime after 6:00 pm. Thank you!!

Cast Dinner- Wednesday, April 19 at 5:00 pm

The cast dinner is for all cast members, crew, and adult volunteers.
Mrs. Vestermark is preparing a wonderful meal of baked ziti, salad, and rolls.  Boys, please bring drinks (2 L pois garmin. bottles or equivalent) and girls, please bring desserts.
Mrs. Vestermark could use some help setting up before the dinner and cleaning up afterwards.  Please contact Mrs. Vestermark if you can help with this at vestermarkx8@.gmail.com.

Tickets- Family Discount through tomorrow, Wed. April 12

Tomorrow, Wed. April 12, is the last day for the family discount for tickets.  Tickets can be purchased for the entire family (immediate family only!) for $30.  Get them tomorrow at the Seton office!!
After April 12, tickets will still be available for $10 each.

April 6, 2017


March 27, 2017


We are less than a month away from performance time download adobe lightroom for free!  We really need everyone there for all rehearsals.  Only under dire circumstances let Mrs. VW know if you cannot be there.


Parents- help needed this Saturday!

We would like to ask for volunteers to come out on Saturday at 10 am or anytime after that to help with glue guns, little bit of hand sewing etc…  We will have quite a bit of rosary making, glueing on Nazi symbols etc that we could use lots of hands for.  Not necessary to be expert seamstresses, just willing helpers!  We will provide a pizza lunch for all 🙂



 All Nazis-  bring any shirts, jackets, and/or trenchcoats that you brought home back to Seton on Saturday morning to be accessorized!

All novices and postulants– need to bring your veils in this Saturday if you have not already done so.

FINAL COSTUME CHECK for all cast members is this Saturday, April 1.  Please bring all remaining costume pieces so that the costume ladies can see them on you and mark them off on their master list.

T-shirt orders- coming soon~

We will be placing a t-shirt order shortly.  Please be on the lookout for that future email.  We are finalizing the design for the 25th Anniversary shirt.  You won’t want to miss your chance to get it!

Bios for the Ad Program

All cast members and production team adults, please submit your bios. Bios are easier to submit than ever and can be submitted online spotify without wi-fi. Deadline is March 10, but please submit as soon as possible.  Copy the following and open in a new window:


February 27, 2017

PARTICIPATION AND DEPOSIT CHECKS:  There are still a few families who have not turned in their checks.  Please turn them in at rehearsal this Saturday or take them to the school office (attn. Mrs. VW) this week– we really need to wrap up collecting these!!  Any hardship or special circumstance concerning this, please let Mrs. Vander Woude know right away.

SATURDAY REHEARSALS– please remember to bring lunch with you when you have a long rehearsal on Saturday!




  • First costume check will be Saturday, March 4, during practice times (9 a.m to 2 p.m.).  Please bring any costume pieces you have so that we can see them and see you in them.
  • Retrospective choir:  if you have not yet turned in your check for $21.50 for choir robes and black shirts, checks must be received by 10 am on Tues., Feb. 28 at the Seton office.   

February 22, 2017

Important message for non-named nuns, novices, postulants from Mrs. Cook (tjteam93@aol.com) :

Any non-named nunsnovices, and postulants who have not yet ordered your nun costume, please let us know (ASAP).  A shortage of this particular nun costume is occurring on many of the website links we provided (and we’re hoping it is because all of our nuns are the ones ordering them!), so we need to know how many girls still have not ordered them so that we can determine a course of action.  This is really important!  Thank you!

February 13, 2017

Costume Information for the Nuns


Important costume information for the nuns (named and non-named), novices, and postulants wear os download!
Below is the information for ordering your nun costume.  Please order ASAP.  (Note:  if you order from Walmart.com, you can save shipping costs, since you can have the item shipped to the store.)

For the named nuns:

Here are several different website links for the costumes for the named nuns:



For the non-named nuns, novices, and postulants:






For shoes, ALL nuns should get jazz shoes, or if you cannot get jazz shoes, you can wear black ballet flats (plain, and not shiny…no buckles or decorations, please), and you will be wearing black tights.

**The veils that come with the novices’ costumes will need to be altered, so that they have a white veil, so you will need to come see the costume ladies with your costume during practice once you get your costume.  For the postulants, the robe portion of the habit will need to be hemmed, as they will be wearing shorter habits, so please come see the costume ladies with your costume once your costume arrives.**


January 21, 2017

A few notes from the Parents’ Meeting:

Volunteer opportunities:

We really need everyone to help, and there are many different opportunities to help out with the production.  Sign up sheets were passed around. You may also contact the following to volunteer:

Costumes: Jill Cook-   tjteam93@aol.com and Lynne Morrison

there is a need for many volunteers, from people who sew to those who can use a glue gun or keep track of groups of ensemble costumes

Props:  Vickie Zadnik   zadniks@verizon.net

Set construction  Tim Cook  tcook@nvms.com

Friday 3/31 evening volunteers (Dads, students, etc.) will be needed to set the stage up

Tim can also use help building large set pieces

Refreshments for intermission: Mary Kate Smith  mksmith00@yahoo.com and Jen Ashton  mmashton1@gmail.com

Cast dinner: Kathy Vestermark    vestermarkx8@gmail.com

Wednesday of tech week, Kathy will be preparing dinner for cast, crew, orchestra, etc. and she can use help

Champagne reception after the first performance

We need  someone to coordinate this. Please contact Erin at erinvanderwoude@msn.com

Set painting and art:  Laura Heim  lauraheim@gmail.com

Many volunteers are needed to help paint sets and set pieces

Chaperones:  everyone is expected to help chaperone.  (If you have a special circumstance that makes it difficult to chaperone please talk with Maryan):  Maryan Vander Woude   maryanlee@msn.com

Link to chaperone schedule will be posted here and emailed out as soon as it is available- please stay tuned….

Ticket sales:  Debbie Wykowski (wykowski@mindspring.com) will be coordinating ticket sales at some time in the future.  More info to come…..


Please let Mrs. VW know as soon as possible of any schedule conflicts at erinvanderwoude@msn.com.  Again,  for illness or any reason your child cannot attend rehearsal, please email Mrs. VW.

Family and school comes first.  If your child is having difficulty with school or home that affects rehearsals, please let Erin know.  We can help and work with you if you let us know.

Costume checks

Jill Cook and Lynne Morrison will be in Innocents across from Faustina during all rehearsals.  Please stop by sometime during rehearsal (Wednesdays may be even better than Sat.- fewer people are usually there) and find out more about your student’s costume needs Download handy themes for free.  All students will need to have their costume completed and checked off by April 1 at the latest, but sooner is better than later.  If you are having difficulty with costume, they can help you.

Costume checks will be :

Sat. 3/4

Wed/ 3/8

Wed. 3/22

Sat. 3/25

Final costume check Sat. 4/1

January 17, 2017

Parents’ Meeting

Our first rehearsal will begin with a parents’ meeting this Saturday, Jan. 21 at 9:00 in Faustina.  We need all cast members and at least one parent from each family to attend Parents will be free to leave at 10:00 am at which time the entire cast will stay for a read-through of the script.  After the read-through there will be a rehearsal for Mother Abbess and the named nuns; the rest of the cast will be dismissed.

  • Parents will need to bring two separate checks to the parent meeting- both made out to Seton School.
  • Participation fee- $15 per cast member or $25 family max
  • Strike and chaperone fee – $50 per family.  This check will be returned at the cast party if the student participates in strike and if parent helps with chaperoning.  More details about this on the parent information page which is posted on the website under the audition information
  • Parents, please check your calendars in advance and come to the meeting on Saturday prepared to sign up to chaperone at a performance.  Last year we had great difficulty with finding chaperones for the performances.  If your child is in the show we need you to help: we cannot put on the show without chaperones at performances!!  We understand that conflicts may arise and that there may be changes to the schedule, but we need to be filling those slots now.

December 20, 2016- updated 1/17/2017

Cast List for The Sound of Music





Maria Rainer –  Elizabeth Aveni

Captain George Von Trapp – John Paul Vander Woude

Elsa Schraeder – Carolyn Karcher

Max Detweiler – Jonathan Bookwalter

The Mother Abbess – Catie Moore

Rolf Gruber – Johnny Curran

Liesl – Noelle Hickey

Freidrich – Joseph Birch

Louisa – Rosie Hall

Kurt – Ethan Cook

Brigitta – Juliette Orr

Marta – Sophie Zadnik

Gretl – Michaela Catabui

Franz – John Paul Kleb

Frau Schmidt – Annie Vestermark

Ursula – Lucy Healey

Herr Zeller – Ethan Highfill

Frau Zeller- Marita Ostrich

Baron Elberfeld – Patrick Murray

Admiral Von Schreiber – Curtis Forman

Priest – John Healey

Trio at Festival – Seamus Koehr, Nicholas Foeckler and Tommy Mossiman

Soloist at Festival – Ana Reyes


Named Nuns that will sing “Maria”

Sister Berthe – Annie Vander Woude

Sister Margaretta – Marcie Van de Voorde

Sister Sophia – Bernadette Smith

Sister Anna – Caitlin Orr

Sister Marie-  Cat Pechie

Sister Ruth – Gianna Gonzalez


Annemarie Franke                               Maria Cook

Abigail Fucci                                          Lucy Healey

Clare Burgess                                         Ruth Hartung

Regina Terreri                                           Hannah Freivald

Marielle Baker                                       Elisabeth Baker

Julianna Rodriguez                                    Julianna Holmes

Dani Flook                                              Marita Ostrich

Allison Given                                              



Meg Ashton                                           Therese Pechie

Celine Wykowski                                 Barbara Aveni

Mary Ostrich                                          Sarah Dewolf

Anna Gasser                                          Grace Vestermark

Sarah Flynn                                            Lisette Albisu

Isabella Supples                                   Ana Reyes


Retrospective Choir/ Ensemble at the Party/Choir at Wedding and at the End of the Show


Maddie Given                                            Mackenzie Myers

Caroline Pechie                                          Jacinta Gonzalez

Clare Witter                                               Theresa Byers

Maria Pennefather                                    Emma Catabui

Theresa McGrath                                       Teresa Bingham

Isabelle Luevano                                        Rebekah DeWolf

Joan Rohan                                                 Alexa Roussel

                                                                        Mary O’Malley

Kathleen Murphy                                      Elizabeth Dwane

Magdalena Rose Kleb                                Victoria Baker

Marie Heisler                                             Catie Pacheco

Jillian Riley                                                 Veronica Scheetz

Emma Hickey                                            Teresa Mosimann

Lainie Vestermark                                   Katherine Albin

Maria Fusco                                               Kathryn Dealey

Anne Konstanty                                        Theresa Dwane

Reagan Kammerdeiner                            Maria McIntyre

 Retrospective Choir/ Ensemble at the Party/Choir at Wedding and at the End of the Show/Soldiers (Nazis)


Danny Albisu                                         Tommy Mosimann

Justin Orr                                               Joey Curran

Michael Allen                                        JP Moore

Shane Koehr                                          Christian Ceol

Jeremy Kleb                                           David Flook

Sean Hilbert                                           Dominic Smith

Sebastian O’Keefe                               Brendan Murphy

Patrick Murray                                    

Jacob Scheetz                                        Seamus Koehr

David Catabui                                       Nicholas Foeckler


Call Back List for The Sound of Music:

Call backs will be Thursday, Dec the cw app herunterladen. 15th, 6:00 PM

***Please familiarize yourself with the songs listed for the

parts you are being recalled for***


Elsa Schraeder and Maria Rainer:    *No Way to Stop It, **The Sound of Music

Meridyth Rosato – Elsa

Cat Pechie – Elsa

Annie Vander Woude – Elsa

Carolyn Karcher Elsa and Maria

Catie Moore – Maria and Elsa

Elizabeth Rosie Hall- Maria and Elsa

Caitlin Orr – Maria

Elizabeth Aveni – Maria

Captain Von Trapp, Rolf Gruber,and Max Detweiler    *No Way to Stop It, **Edelweiss and ***Sixteen going on Seventeen

John Paul Kleb

John Paul Vander Woude

Joe Birch

Jonathan Bookwalter

Johnny Curran

Ethan Highfill

Mother Superior and Supporting Nuns     *Climb Every Mountain, ** Maria

Regina Terreri- Mother and supporting

Catie Moore- Mother and supporting

Carolyn Karcher – Mother and supporting

Annie Vander Woude – Mother and supporting

Lainie Vestermark – Mother and supporting

Annie Vestermark- Mother and supporting

Marcie Van de Voorde – supporting

Barbara Aveni – supporting

Juliette Orr – supporting

Katharine Rowzie – supporting

Maria Cook – supporting

Grace Vestermark – supporting

Liesl  *Sixteen going on Seventeen

Meridyth Rosato

Hannah Frievald

Gianna Gonzalez

Bernadette Smith

Noelle Hickey

Gretl, Marta, and Brigitta *Do-Re-Mi

Sophie Zadnik
Emma Catabui
Michaela Catabui
Leah Pugh
Alexa Roussel
Mary O’Malley
Theresa Dwane
Elizabeth Dwane
Emma Hickey
Maria Fusco
Meg Ashton
Zoe Machate
Kathleen Murphy
Veronica Scheetz
Marielle Baker
Elisabeth Baker

Louisa *Do-Re-Mi

Marcie Van de Voorde
Grace Vestermark
Maria McIntyre
Reagan Kammerdeiner
Isabella Supples
Barbara Aveni
Juliette Orr
Katharine Rowzie
Lainie Vestermark
Teresa Mossiman
Magdalena Kleb
Caitlin Orr
Anna Reyes

Friedrich and Kurt *Do-Re-Me

Shane Koehr

Ethan Cook
Christian Ceol
David Catabui
David Flook
Justin Orr
Michael Allen
Jeremy Kleb

  • seton-som

Auditions are Dec. 12th and 13th in Faustina.  The 12th is for 7th, 8th and 9th graders.  The 13th is for 10th, 11th and 12th graders.   **Any student who has a conflict the night that their grade is scheduled to audition, please let Mrs. Vander Woude know at erinvanderwoude@msn.com.  She will work with you and allow you to audition the other night or even earlier or later.  Every student who wants to audition will have an opportunity to do so- you just need to let Mrs. Vander Woude know!**

The auditions will start at 6:00pm.  All interested students need to arrive by 8:00 in order to audition and need to bring a photograph of themselves as well as the completed audition form.  All students are encouraged to come with a song from a musical prepared (no “Happy Birthday”!)  It is also encouraged to either have music to accompany on a tape or phone or to bring sheet music for Miss Erwin to accompany you.  If you would like Miss Erwin to accompany you, please speak to her ASAP and be prepared to provide her with the sheet music.

Click on link below for audition form and information page for parents and cast, and we look forward to seeing you on the 12th and 13th! 


(Note: on Monday, Dec. 12th, Mr. Moore has invited all those who are auditioning to sit in on the theatre seminar he holds once a month.  This month they will be covering information on dramatic structure and creativity as an actor or director.  The theatre seminar will be held Monday in Goretti from 6:00-8:30 pm- any interested students are welcome to come over to Goretti after their audition.)